Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Marketing on a Budget Part 4: Business to Business.... New Media

So what do you need to do differently if you are a business to business marketer.

In most cases, you will still want to focus heavily onyour website, SEO, and e-mail marketing. You will also want to consider Social Media for B2B. This is still very new, but the internet rewards first movers in many ways, and there are some clear opportunities for those who can navigate the unchartered territory.

Ask Questions and Listen

Where are your customers "hanging out" on-line?
Which media are influencing their purchasing decisions?
Depending on industry firewalls and security may rule out some media.

Establish Implement Your Strategy

Set yourself up to succeed. Choose a reasonable plan that is consistent with your resources. Even though social media is "free" it really isn't and for this reason alone, many plans fail.

Use Social Media to drive leads through e-mail subscriptions.

Mix Free content with paid content, and increase your revenue streams and opportunities.

Use Social Media to promote your events, meetings your attending, and tradeshows... this is a great way to connect..... and start the conversation.

Turn cold calls into warm connections. Use the search features within Linked In, Facebook, etc. to find people at specific companies or with specific job titles. Get introduced to these people, and then set up sales calls.

Amanda Wodzenski is a regular blogger for the WSBA, and the owner of CRMastermind, a consulting company that specializes in CRM and e-mail marketing for Small Business. Visit her blog Your Small Biz Technocoach.

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