Tuesday, August 10, 2010

5 Tasks You Should Outsource Today

Virtual Assistants are talented, on-call independent contractors who work with successful small business owners to help them generate more revenue, gain more free time and do the tasks they do best in their business, while outsourcing the rest!

Some Virtual Assistants are one-person shows, but Virtual Assist USA (owned by WSBA Member, Danielle Cuomo) is a multi Virtual Assistant firm that offers Virtual Assistants in every area a business owner could possibly need assistance with.

Below are 5 tasks that a Virtual Assistant can do for you:

1) Manage social media campaigns: A Virtual Assistant can create an entire social media campaign for you, or simply maintain the one you already have.
2) Build and maintain a website: A Virtual Assistant can be more cost-effective than hiring a marketing firm, which charge upwards of $5,000 per site.
3) Bookkeeping: Virtual Assistants, like the ones at Virtual Assist USA, often have many certifications in this specialized area
4) Create a public relations campaign: Public relations is something that so many small business owners often overlook, but shouldn't - because PR is free buzz!
5) Search engine optimization: Virtual Assistants will formulate an entire SEO plan for your website and ensure that you are visible on the search engines!

Virtual Assist USA is a Virtual Assistant Firm whose clients range from CEOs to mom-entrepreneurs… internet millionaires to start-up businesses. Learn more here: www.virtualassistusa.com

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  1. virtual assistant can really become a good partner in your business.